The Cycle

I don’t know what causes me to go thought these cycles, but alas, last week I was at 200lb.  The alarms go off at this weight.  Again, the goal is almost 30lb away. 

I blame part of this on the bachelor life style.  MY room mate moved out and my work out partner became busy with his work.  Between the two, I lost all incentive to work out and eat healthy.  I find it much easier to stay with a work out plan when there is a support group behind you. 

Well.  Tomorrow my new room mate moves in.  Over the past couple of month he has been on track to getting into better shape by eating healthy and working out.  Hopefully this will be the turn around I need.

So the plan:

  • Paleo: Grains and sugars have to go. 2 month of 80/20 rule help slim the waist line by 20 pounds last winter.  It’s a pity that red-bull and chips are so tempting while at work.  But no more, come Monday, 80/20 or even better 90/10.  My new room mate is looking to eat healthier as well so it will be pretty great.
  • Crossfit: Never in my life have any workouts done so much for me in such little time.  Even though I am at 200lb again, I am actually thinner then I was starting last year, I attribute this to muscle.  I will be switching between different crossfit gyms for different workouts.  5 time a week should be the norm and hopefully push out 6 or 7 once I get into the swing of things.
  • Swimming/Running/Yoga: On top of the evening time crossfit workouts I plan on doing some morning exercise.  Going for ECE high intensity training runs, and alternating it with swimming.  As well as evening yoga 3 or 4 times a week to get the flexibility back and prevent injury.

This weekend, is the move the the LAN party so the diet and exercise is waiting till Monday.  I know this is a ambitious outline, but it needs to be done.  The 200lb alarm bell sounds pretty loud in my head.

A nightly update with the log of all the work will be posted here.

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