Better the expected

Today went a bit better then expected.  As the weather is getting colder, the will to train goes away.  I have to go outside in that weather? Uhh.

I remember when I was a kid, I wanted to go play out in the snow and the rain and any other weather inbetween as long as I was playing in it.  The parents would always through out some reason why it is bad and why they don’t want to go outside.  Always telling me that I will understand when I am older why they care about the weather so much.

But alas I have come to a realization it isn’t age that keeps us from having fun in any weather, I is laziness.  I am too lazy to go work out, so I will cling to the first excuse, it is cold out side, it is wet outside, it is dark outside.  Well good day I say on to you excuse.

Today completed an Elm City Crossfit WOD:

  • 10 pullups, 1 Deadlift @ 155 ( the Rx was 185 )
  • 9 pullups, 2 Deadlift
  • 8 pullups, 3 Deadlift
  • 7 pullups, 4 Deadlift
  • 6 pullups, 5 Deadlift
  • 5 pullups, 6 Deadlift
  • 4 pullups, 7 Deadlift
  • 3 pullups, 8 Deadlift
  • 2 pullups, 9 Deadlift
  • 1 pullups, 10 Deadlift

no sell out for me thank you.

I didn’t time myself, but it did take forever, none the less I had picked the weight I was picked and I stuck it out.  Splitting it up into sets of 2 deadlift at a time for the last several sets.  Over all I am pretty happy with the workout and the post workout feeling. 

Dinner Time

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