Early Morning WOW

I am not a fitness expert, and i don’t plan my own workouts.  So i my fitness plan revolves around finding workouts on the internet.  It is just my luck that plenty of people who know more about exercise freely give out their advice on the internet.  I do usually plan out my own swim practices and my own distance runs, but that doesn’t require much planning really.  Even HIIT workouts i pull from ElmCity Crossfit’s site.

Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple is one of the many people who gactious enough to share his expirance with the world though Work Outs of the Week (WOWs). This morning I finally dragged my lazy, sleepy and tired ass out bed to get a quick morning pick me up work out.   50 meter sprints, some grok crawls or as ZombieFit calls them quadropidals, and walking lunges and squat throw at the end. 8 times over: Only 8 time over, can’t be to bad.  Well i was wrong, by the 3 round i was pretty winded, and by the last set i was feeling pretty beat up.  The WOWs get updated every Monday, and in my a great way to start the day.

Weight update: 188 lb (5 pounds is a lot to drop, but getting back into the swing of Paleo usually leads to a lot of inflammation water weight loss)

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