Endurance Day

So barefoot running right?  This is what this blog is supposed to be all about, and all I am talking about is how much weight I am putting up or how many pushups are kicking my ass.  Well I am still barefooting it, the pussy way of barefooting it in the Vibrum Five Finger, but “barefooting” it anyways.

Today I took a break from the Crossfit workouts and went for a Crossfit Endurance workout.   In other words speed.  The workout was a Tabata Mile, which is: run for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds until you cover the full distance of a mile (this is sprint every time).   Running barefoot requires that you reteach yourself to run, and what better time then now.  The short sprints give a perfect place to practice proper form while the sets tire you out the short rest lets you take control of your faculties and force proper form though those last sets.  

Over all today was a pretty great workout, and I am pretty happy with a 9:18 on the workout.  Leaving me with an average pace of 6:18 on the workout, faster then my fastest mile time during my running days 2 years ago.  I would have liked it to be under 6 as this should be your mile goal pace.

For the future, it would be nice to get an endurance WOD in before work and then bust out a crossfit WOD at night.  This might be a worthy goal for at least one day next week.  Anyways off to a dinner party (I haven’t quite worked out the diet yet; another thing to work on next week)

Tomorrow I will be WODing it up with a friend up in Stores CT, hopefully I can hold my own against her.

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