Motivation = Empty Tank

Elm City Crossfit was closed today, and therefore there was no posted WOD.  In turn I found it very difficult to work out today,  Oh I know there are plenty of other workouts to pick from.

  • Crossfit.com
  • ZombieFit.org
  • Any of the Crossfit affiliates

But that required some motivation which I was clearly lacking this afternoon.  I eventually settled on doing a custom WOD, which actually changed mid way though the set when I realized I didn’t have the endurance I thought I had.  The original work out was 4 x 100 m Overhead Walking Lunge, this turned to 50s.  But to cover my slack, I added some sprints to the end.  A little ZombieFit influence.

Even though I have not posted much this week, I have been pretty on point with my diet and have only had 2 cheat meals.  Well, Monday I had some left chocolate with my paleo lunch, that was my first cheat, and last night after a paleo dinner, I found myself drinking a couple of beers at a barn dance.  So two minor cheats, and the weight shows as I have almost gotten back under 200.

Completed WOD:

4 Rounds

    • 50m Overhead Walking Lunge @25lb
    • 10 Plate Burpies @25lb

4x 100m Sprints, walk back for rest.

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