Time to push thru

“Laura Demarco closes her eyes and waits for the 3, 2, 1, GO.
What goes through your mind moments before a WOD?”  - Facebook Crossfit

I came across that post earlier in the day and wondered what, if anything, goes through my mind before I WOD.   Something I realized I never really took notice of.  And even today with the thought going though my mind most of the day, at the moment the clock started, my mind was blank.

Before most workouts I usually think:

  • "I know this will hurt”
  • “This will be rough”
  • “It is cold outside”
  • or in the case of yesterday (which turned out to be  rest/sick day) “how much more will my headache echo waves of pain with each pushup or squat I had to do”. 

    Clearly, I am not thinking anything good before I WOD.

After a WOD I have nothing but good thoughts:

  • The self gratitude for doing something good for myself. 
  • Thoughts about the future, and how great it will be once I get to a decent fitness level.

The pre thoughts don’t look good for the lifestyle change that I am planning, but there is hope as the closest to a thought that I can muster to go though my mind is “Time to push thru”

Completed WOD:

3x (3min AMRAP on: 1 min off)

  • 7 Push press
  • 5 HP Clean
  • 3 SLDL

Started with 95lb, but after the first 3 minutes I dropped the weight to 65lb

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