Habit Forming

As is well known, the key to a healthy life is not some magic pill or the latest “hand-job improving” shake weight, it is a healthy lifestyle filled with regular exercise and nutrient heavy food.  Which is the reason so many people have a problem with their health.  It is hard to wake up every day and go running or swimming or come home from work and hit the gym on the way.  Pushing through every day where you are just a bit too sore to be excited about the next set of squats you have to do.

For me, staying healthy comes down to one basic principal.  Are the behaviors required for my well being habitual?   Do I get home and rush out to my back yard to do the days WOD?  Do i look for a snack around the house and look for chips or do i look for some fruit?  Do I wake up and do a morning stretch routine?  Currently, the answer to all those questions is no.  But pushing though this first month will hopefully turn that around.

The I am pushing 200 is a strong reminder to get my ass in gear and work out.  It is also a strong call to get my diet under control.  At 27 it is about time i add some good habits to my life.

Yesterdays Workout:  6 Rounds of

  • 3 Snatchs @95 (Rx was 115)
  • 10 Tuck Jumps

There will be no timing on the workouts for now.  I know it will only make me sad.

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