Early Morning WOW

I am not a fitness expert, and i don’t plan my own workouts.  So i my fitness plan revolves around finding workouts on the internet.  It is just my luck that plenty of people who know more about exercise freely give out their advice on the internet.  I do usually plan out my own swim practices and my own distance runs, but that doesn’t require much planning really.  Even HIIT workouts i pull from ElmCity Crossfit’s site.

Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple is one of the many people who gactious enough to share his expirance with the world though Work Outs of the Week (WOWs). This morning I finally dragged my lazy, sleepy and tired ass out bed to get a quick morning pick me up work out.   50 meter sprints, some grok crawls or as ZombieFit calls them quadropidals, and walking lunges and squat throw at the end. 8 times over: Only 8 time over, can’t be to bad.  Well i was wrong, by the 3 round i was pretty winded, and by the last set i was feeling pretty beat up.  The WOWs get updated every Monday, and in my a great way to start the day.

Weight update: 188 lb (5 pounds is a lot to drop, but getting back into the swing of Paleo usually leads to a lot of inflammation water weight loss)



Initially I started this blog for simple reason, the telltale of my switching over from running shoes running barefoot. The journey taught me plenty about myself about the way my body functions, at least in the evolutionary sense. So when my cross the gym told me about the Paleolithic diet a.k.a. Paleo diet, it intrigues me that try.

Initial experience of Vidalia died was a two-month cross fit challenge; and involved four days of exercising and about 80% Paleolithic food, while the other 20 were allowed cheat meals.  Here are my results from that challenge:

After the challenge i let myself slack, as clearly visible in the picture I posted my previous post.  But it's time to as they say “Grab the bull by the horns”  as of tomorrow, I'm back on.

First workout

I don't have exact statistics on today's workout as I did on a whim. Sunday is usually an ultimate Frisbee day, but since no one showed up I decided it was time to hit the trails in Seymour.

My GPS watch was not charged and for that reason I was not able to track my running distance today. However as my best guess I read about 2 miles. This is relatively short, but better than nothing and next time I'll try to longer. My GPS watch is charging, and for Tuesday when I go for my next run a legal track my distance.

What is fitness?

For years I have been working out; at least on and off. I have rowed, ran, swam, biked, lifted, and what ever else has struck my fancy. Through out the workouts i have never been skinny and cut, but I have also never let myself blimp. 220 was my heaviest and i will never let myself get over or even close to that again.

So what is the goal of working out? For a long time i thought it was performance in races. As a triathlete and a runner, that was the way to gauge my progress. Run a race 5 minutes faster is improvement, running a race slower and that means i need to train harder. But that isn’t fitness. Yeah i could run and bike and swim, but what about push ups? If you are fit, you should be able to do plenty, but 10 would be a stretch at that point. Pull-ups? even with rock climbing as one of my activities pull ups were out of my range. maybe 3 in a row tops.

While last year I finally got the experience I was looking for. I joined Crossfit gym. Then I discover what fitness really is all about; it is the ability to perform any movement required of your body. Doing pull-ups, doing squats, situps, push-ups, Olympic weightlifting moves, running, swimming, biking and in my case rockclimbing. But alas Crossfit very expensive endeavor, and after buying a house in order for it. Cross fit had done amazing things my body, I lost 20 pounds, and I was able to move more weight than I have ever in my life. My clean went from 90 pounds to be able to clean 160. And the payload that which is offered to me maybe feel better than I have in my life.

Two this is where I'm at now. I have stopped going cost about four months ago and started gaining my weight. I know what strength will also gone down since then even though I've tried to keep up with basic body weight exercises home, but like usual I'm not 100% strict with myself and let myself slip away for weeks at a time. This has to stop.

From now on this blog is not only about barefoot running it's about my quest to become a better stronger athlete. To become fit.

So where am I at now: 192 lb (15 lb up from lowest after crossfit)

2010.08.22 001 2010.08.22 002