P90x & P90x+

For a while now I have been entertained by the idea of p90x but have been shying away because of the lack of set up to do this type of workout.  Well with the new basement gym, I finally got around to starting the download for the videos.

The idea is that while it is cold and dark outside I am not going to manage to really get out of my house to work out in the mornings, this is the view of realism.  But I might have enough gumption mustered to get out of bed and walk downstairs.  While I could probably do the Crossfit WODs in the morning, following some one on a computer monitor requires no real active thought and gets the blood flowing.

So I grabbed the p90x, p90x+, and Insanity and this morning none of the p90x workouts finished downloading but one of the p90x + workouts was done,  Kenpo Cardio.  Described on their website as:

This advanced-level Kenpo, with new moves, will shred the most stubborn layer of fat with an all-out self-defense workout that builds stamina, balance, and agility.

I felt pretty silly kicking and jumping around in my basement, but I did break decent sweat and can feel the work out in my let.  I think as I learn these moves and become more comfortable with them the effectiveness of the work out will also improve.  I am however feeling it in the legs, which could be from the squat jumps last night, but none the less.  Over all it was kind of fun.  I can see how this done on a regular bases can improve your fitness level and doing all the high kicks will probably be pretty good for flexibility.  I think I will pick and choose some of these workouts and put them into my own schedule to work with the Crossfit WODs in the evenings.

Completed Morning WOD:

Kenpo Cardio

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