Friday Night Strength

Elm City Crossfit today had a strength day, while I think on the press I did really push myself, I am lacking in weight to do a deadlift justice.  Over all it was a nice quick WOD to lead into a P90X stretch routine.  Having done plenty damage to my body over the past week of balls to the wall, it was nice to treat my muscles a bit.

Completed WOD:

  • 8 Deadlifts @135
  • 6 Deadlifts @185
  • 4 Deadlifts @215
  • 8 Overhead Press @75
  • 6 Overhead Press @95
  • 4 Overhead Press @115 (the last one needed to be a jerk)

Eaten Food:

Today was a cheat day.  As great as it tasted, I could feel it sink like a stone in my stomach.Share photos on twitter with TwitpicShare photos on twitter with Twitpic

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