New Years Resolution

It is that time of the year, tomorrow the gyms will be swamped with new contracts and flabby bodies only to lose their motivations steam and return only in the new year when they again pay for the privilege of feeling like they are trying.  It is the yearly cycle filled with good intentions and supported with hot air. 

For the past 3 or 4 years I have been playing yo-yo with my body weight with a decline in weight after the new years and an all time high in December.  Each year telling myself that this will be the year for lasting change and a strictly followed diet.  Well with the first past us, I make the standard statement of healthy foods and workout schedule.  Hopefully this will be the year.

Elm City Crossfit has a great post up about new year resolution and the reasons they fail, many of the points being my downfalls as well.  But form the 5 points, Lack of COmmitment is by far my biggest problem with fitness, and this blog will hopefully help in in that department.

Today, I put in a pull-up bar and rings into my basement, which I count as my WOD and have eaten mostly healthy today.

Completed WOD:

Holiday Slack Day (Workouts start tomorrow)

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