The Year Begins

And the new year starts with a solid workout and some healthy meals.  After reading a bunch of stuff about working out in the mornings  or at night, I have come to the conclusion that it apparently doesn’t matter and is a personal preference.

For me the morning workout makes more sense, even though everything in my body tells me to sleep another 30 minutes instead of working my ass off before breakfast.  The morning rush of endorphins makes work much easer to get to and gives the day a nice happy hue.

So this morning, being a new year and a fresh start, I got out of bed in time to rock the deadlift strength set.  And felt pretty great the rest of the day.

Completed WOD:

10 Deadlifts @ 65

10 Deadlifts @ 95

10 Deadlifts @ 125

10 Deadlifts @ 145

5 Deadlifts @ 185

5 Deadlifts @ 205

5 Deadlifts @ 215

Food Eaten:

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The veggies in the breakfast were bit much for the morning and I saved them for lunch.  The dinner was mostly scraps of the lamb I cut up for the next couple of days and cleaning out my fridge of food I shouldn’t really be eating.  MMhhhhmmm roast beef & pepper jack cheese rapped in Lebanon baloney.

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