What is fitness?

For years I have been working out; at least on and off. I have rowed, ran, swam, biked, lifted, and what ever else has struck my fancy. Through out the workouts i have never been skinny and cut, but I have also never let myself blimp. 220 was my heaviest and i will never let myself get over or even close to that again.

So what is the goal of working out? For a long time i thought it was performance in races. As a triathlete and a runner, that was the way to gauge my progress. Run a race 5 minutes faster is improvement, running a race slower and that means i need to train harder. But that isn’t fitness. Yeah i could run and bike and swim, but what about push ups? If you are fit, you should be able to do plenty, but 10 would be a stretch at that point. Pull-ups? even with rock climbing as one of my activities pull ups were out of my range. maybe 3 in a row tops.

While last year I finally got the experience I was looking for. I joined Crossfit gym. Then I discover what fitness really is all about; it is the ability to perform any movement required of your body. Doing pull-ups, doing squats, situps, push-ups, Olympic weightlifting moves, running, swimming, biking and in my case rockclimbing. But alas Crossfit very expensive endeavor, and after buying a house in order for it. Cross fit had done amazing things my body, I lost 20 pounds, and I was able to move more weight than I have ever in my life. My clean went from 90 pounds to be able to clean 160. And the payload that which is offered to me maybe feel better than I have in my life.

Two this is where I'm at now. I have stopped going cost about four months ago and started gaining my weight. I know what strength will also gone down since then even though I've tried to keep up with basic body weight exercises home, but like usual I'm not 100% strict with myself and let myself slip away for weeks at a time. This has to stop.

From now on this blog is not only about barefoot running it's about my quest to become a better stronger athlete. To become fit.

So where am I at now: 192 lb (15 lb up from lowest after crossfit)

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