Days Off

I think on of the main causes of my recent injuries has been the fact that I often go into the sport dead on if I was still in my prime and still around 140 pounds; I am not.  And I jump right into running 5 days a week and soon enough the stress of a 190 pound body hitting the payment leads to some injury. 

So after my 3.5 mile run on Sunday, I went and ran another 3.5 miles on Monday.  The Monday was heavy on road running, which didn't actually feel bad for the first half of the run.  It wasn't till I got tired that I lost my form and well didn't enjoy the road so much. 

So today is Sunday, it the first day that I will be running.  The blister on my right foot has healed most of the way.  My souls feel fresh and ready for a bit of hardening punishment.  Of for a run.

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