Back from a long break

So it’s been almost a year since i had written in this blog.   To recap, i am still running barefoot, thou i have not made the progress i had once hoped to have. 

Some time in the spring, while running on a nice part of the trails, i took the Vibrams off.  I only ran some half mile before the sharp rocks and roots kicked my ass and put the shoes back on.  My feet were totally raw for the next couple of days, and for a week or so i didn’t try that again.  However the brief time running barefoot was full of sensation.  Never before had I felt this close to the earth.  I needed more.

So from then on I took of my Vibrams every now and then until I didn’t care to put them on.  It’s been about 6 month… 

In the next post i will get a but more into what i have learned over the last 6 month.

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