One week past

I wasn't supposed to run today. I told myself that I would take today off but I don't always listen. Between a couple of annoyances with Apple Inc and having to work today, I just didn't want to waist the afternoon. Not many more nice Sundays left, and if my friends and I didn't go riding today, I should at least go for a run.

Well since I managed to go running when it's still bright out, I got a chance to run some trails and realize that trails aren't quite the option I would like for them to be. I am not saying that running on trails barefoot is a bad idea, it's not. In the fall however when leaves cover the ground, it's hard to watch for where you can and can't step. It's almost a sick joke that nature plays on us. When the forest's beauty is at it's fullest, and the weather is prime for running, the forest's floor is the most dangerous to run on. Rocks and roots under leaves hurt.

For the run today I upped the distance a little bit. A mile and a half just feel like I am not even getting a warm up, so today I ran about a three and a half miles. OK, run may be over statement, but mostly I did run. Though part of the run, I would slow down and walk a few step to catch my breath. There is a comfort zone for running that I seemed to have found is a bit outside of my current ability. Each step feels lighter on my feet, my bodies posture is straitened, and my breath is strong, but I can't seem to keep this pace for long. Hopefully as I keep training and pushing my self to run correctly, my stamina will improve.

Well my first week of barefoot running is over, out of the seven days I managed to run four. My legs feel healthy, but tight. Over all I have a very bright outlook on running barefoot.

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